All we ever do (June 2010)

4:15 a.m.
My dearest friend Jaqueline just left. She left to go back to her own country: Brazil.
She’s been in here ever since September, to study at the University. We met in November, when she came to live with us.
From the very first moment we understood each other very well. In time, a strong friendship grew.
And now that she’s gone I have no words to describe the big hollow that’s been left in my heart. It’s hardly been an hour and I already miss her so much…
I guess that the fact that there’s an ocean between us really bothers me. It’s not like she’s moving next town where I can go reach her to chat and have some good times and to rely my worries when the sad moments occur.
It’s been a year of farewells.
Farewell to the man who made me shine and feel special, farewell to people who passed on, farewell to the Campus Dorm where I’ve lived for several years. Farewell to lots of friends who finish their studies and get back to their hometowns to live and work, farewell to my infancy’s best friend who married and moved away. Farewell of people who in the end they want you no-more, because they just wanted favors during the Uni era and made you believe that they cared for you. Farewell to the cat “Negreta” who always was visiting on my window and cheering me up when there were sad moments. Farewell to Jaqueline.
In the end, we better think that everything was worth it. And hope that the changes about to come are for good reasons. I wish them all (people, places and cat) the best in their lives. And hope we keep in touch.
And though I know it’s not possible, I would like to let them know that, if I could, I would take them all with me wherever and whenever: forever. I know that’s selfish, but… I just don’t wanna be torn appart from them!
Because in the end, all we ever do is say goodbye.


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