Trust (june 2010)

Ok, this is not quite the post I wanted to share today but I really have the urge of telling you what just happened:
I live in a residence hall at the University campus. So far so good.
Summer is getting closer, temperatures are raising up. So in order to keep the appartment fresh whe have all doors and windows open while we’re at home.
And here comes the story:
Exactly 15 appartments away from ours there’s a house we’re they have a very cute young cat.
This wintertime, while I was studying in my bedroom there was always this cat staring at me from the other side of the window.
One night, on my way to the trash container i saw him in front of that particular door staring. It was pretty cold, so I rang the doorbell and this girl who opened the door said it was his cat. She alleged that he always escaped.
But for some strange reason this cat feels a special bond with me. So this morning the first thing I saw when I opened up the blinds was the cat looking inside.
And half an hour ago, as I was sitting quietly on the sofa sipping some coffee, what do I see? A pair of eyes staring at me from behind the sofa: the cat again.
So I’ve grabbed him and taken him back to his appartment. Funny thing that when the owner was going to take him, he would not separate from my T-shirt grabbing it strong. As if saying: No, please! Don’t leave me here.
Well the owner and myself were quite shocked. First of all, I’ve never given him treats or food so that he loves me. Secondly, the owner looks like a very clean and agreeable person.
Conclusion: Am I an animal magnet?
They say that babies and animals feel the good or bad in people.
If so: How come that it takes lots of time and effort for adult people to trust each other?
When did we lose this instinct? Or is it the society we’re living in that makes us so distrustful?


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