Kaoru (June 2010)

This evening, as every breathing human being of this city was sitting in front of their T.V. sets’ watching the semifinal match between Spain and Germany I was running like crazy around the house. This little lady (Kaoru) from the picture above, decided not only that she was having a boring evening but also to spice up mine.
So I had dinner, and as I was enjoying a delicious ice cream on the terrace, she jumped from the skylight to the ground without calculating the laws of physics and gravity.
As a result from that terrible landing, her little left front leg started bleeding. Her nail was torn appart by the base. So with Kaoru in one hand and the other free I ran to the cabinet and took some ointment to cure her. We’ve both ended all covered with blood.
So after the incident I’ve washed her and taken myself a shower.
In the meantime, lots of people celebrating on the streets. So that’s how I’ve found out that Spain is classified for the finals. I’m not a particularly big soccer fan. But the occasion would’ve been worth sitting and watching the match if we had not had a “home-blood-crisis”.
Anyway, today no celebrating and beer for me. I’m gonna stay home keeping an extra eye on Kaoru, just in case we have to run to the vet.
So this is how I’ve lived this historical match.


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