Dear future (June 2010)

Lately, we haven’t talked that much. I suppose I got used to leave everything to your better judgement and stopped worrying about myself.
But in the past few days I started to think a lot about you. There are many things that I would like to change and I know you could do this for me. In order to make things clear I made you the following list:
- I would like to find real peace of mind (no more anxiety or sadness and achieve true happiness).
- I would really love that you bring me back my good health and strength.
- Could you help me find a good place to live as well?
- Bring to me the love of my life and make him stay.
- Make my beloved ones be A o.k.
- Give me some time and money to finally get the holidays I’ve been longing for.
And last but not least:
- Encourage me to finish my studies with good degrees.
For now, this is all I am asking you for.
I wish you have a good beggining of summer as well, and hope we keep in touch.
Your best friend from the past,


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