Shouldn't be taboo

Earlier this morning while I was straightening my hair and what not I was watching Youtube. So far so good. All of the sudden, I came across this video of a girl talking about uncircumcised penises and how disgusting they are.
Years ago, while I was watching Sex on the city, the same topic appeared for the first time in my life. Remember that episode when Miranda is dating a Catholic guy and when they are about to have intercourse she sees ‘the thing’ and freaks out big time? I was quite disturbed that time.
Here in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy (that I am aware of) no little baby boy or adult man gets circumcision done unless they have phimosis, which means the foreskin in not retractable enough causing major problems and infections. My little nephew and all the baby boys that I know, when being born, none have gone under the knife. Pediatritians check that all is good in the area and only proceed to remove the foreskin if it is affecting the proper function of the penis.
So this leads me to think that it is a cultural thing. While I am aware that people who practice Judaism and Islam practice circumcision, I don’t understand why people with none or other religious backgrounds, especially in the US (that I am aware of) freak out so much when they learn about an uncircumcised male. Come to think, this is a very narrow perspective of life.
If males were born with it, then it must have a purpose. While it mightn’t have a crucial purpose (same way if they extirpate your amygdales or your appendix and you have no side effects), I do not understand why this is so gross to even talk about it.
Weren’t guys born with that foreskin? Why are people so grossed out with something that comes with the pack? It is not like they chose to add it later on. It must have a purpose (such as preventing infections). Also, that belief that uncircumcised males are dirty…
Didn’t their dad or mum teach them how to move the skin in order to keep it all clean and fresh? If an uncircumcised guy feels dirty to you, it is because two main reasons:
1. - Your beliefs lead you to this premise.
2. - You have come across a guy who is as dirty as he can be. And I bet if his penis smells or whatever, so will his armpits and whatnot.
Because that, my friends, is a dude who suffers from ‘shower allergy’ syndrome.
So ladies and gentlemen, let’s not go all grossed out when learning about your guy next to you didn’t get surgically removed his foreskin. Probably he didn’t need to.
And remember this, next time you land on Paris (cité de l’amour) or you see a breathtaking handsome Italian guy… think about it.
He’s probably coming with the full package.
And nope, that is not disgusting.

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