Sobbing weather (June 2010)

As the day started a joyful sun came up in the sky.
He was happy that he had made it through another day. The morning mist covered all the grass, birds were singing on the trees… Just another day on the Earth.
As the day went by the sky started to hear screams coming from the land. He heard screams coming from China. People were complainig about workers’ abuse.
Sky kept on travelling and as he got to the Middle-East heard screams of dispair, lost relatives in wars and prayers for peace to arrive.
Then he got to Africa and heard screams of famine, of thirst of water, of diseases that could be erradicated if they had the resources to do so.
In the evening he arrived in America and all he could hear were screams of anger, people fighting over power in the stock market and complaining about a dirty sea because of a tremendous oil spill provocated by terrible human errors.
As he got to the Pacific Ocean all he could hear were the animals. They were really quiet. The sky demanded them why the didn’t complain about anything at all. The answer they gave him was really disturbing:
- Why should we keep on complaining? No matter what we do, humans keep on destroying themselves and the planet as well. No matter how hard we protest and try to make things better. No matter how many years we get on strike. Nothing matters anymore! All we have left is hope. Hope that one day the human race, will wake up and learn that we all have to do is live in harmony. Hope that they realize that if they manage the resources properly there will be more than enough for each and every living creature on the Earth. Hope that they realize there’s no need to fight and destroy in order to get what they aim for. Hope that in the end, they do not lose the hope.
And so, the Sky made a pact with the Sun. He would unveil storms and hurricanes and droughts and cold. That would be the only way humans would look up in the clouds and make the following reflection: They were being punished for having acted so badly and if they wanted the Sun back again they would have to make some serious changes; starting now.


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