Feeling hopeless (may 2010)

Why on Earth every time I suggest we go to see a concert nobody will be willing to come with me?
This June is coming to Rock in Rio, Spain, one of my favorite artists: John Mayer. And since this festival is set in Madrid and not in Barcelona nobody wants to come.
I can’t describe how hopeless I feel right now.
You might say: well, you could go all by yourself.
No way! How can I do that? What if something goes wrong and no-one’s there? Besides, going to a concert all by yourself is a bit sad. Who can you share the maximum moment of enjoyment with?
If I had a chance to meet the musicians, I would think about it. It would be worth it. But otherwise, go there singing and jumping all alone is a weird picture. I don’t want to look like a cat-lady, if you know what I mean. Or listen to the comments of other people like the time I went to see the RHCP on my own and I had to contain myself. It’s not like I want to go crying like a teenager or something but hey, it’s good to have somebody to share it with.
To have friends for this… And then tomorrow they drag me to a concert of a Spanish group called Asl√°ndticos(their music gives me the creeps), just because I’m the only one that has a car and can approach them here. So unfair…


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