Quiet evening (May 2010)

So I’ve been playing guitar from 4 to 11 PM today. I guess I felt musical, for lack of a better word…
Probably I should stop drinking beer, go to bed and figure out tomorrow how to manage my new Tumblr.
Oh yes, sometimes I just love to sit down and drink beer, smoke some cigarretes and listen to good music or even appreciate the silence of late hours. Like none of you ever did that, huh?
Tomorrow I have a very busy day. I’m meeting an old friend, we’ve never seen each othe since last millenium (1998)… Will we still have something in common to talk about? I’m nervous about this rearrangement. We’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully we’ll have a polite talk, the how’ve you been part and then the promises that next time we’ll make it shorter. Like that’s gonna happen. I mean: either we live in the same country or have similar holidays to visit each other or perhaps next time we see each other we are full of wrinkles. LOL
Seriously now: I love the people who no matter how long it’s been, when they’re around they think of you. Even if it is just to give one kiss and a warm hug.


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